How to execute any command from anywhere to anywhere in your laptop !

2023-12-14 02:03AM #bash #unix #terminal

Sometimes i got in situations where i want to execute a specific command or multiple commands inside a given directory without moving there as quickly as i can !This may sound obvious to just jump there, do the stuff and come back but as a lazy guy, i like doing that as quickly as possible and hit enter once !


So in this tip, you will need zoxide, a nice tool that cache all your paths by their finals dirname, that mean wherever you are in your linux system ~/zig/zag/toum/yyyy, you just have to type cd xxxx (which is here ~/boum/bam/xxx), to go there !

So this is my tip:


Then add it inside your ~/.bash_aliases and you're good to go !

You can copy the source code from here !

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