Git search for code whatever the branch, the time or the commit

2023-10-02 04:03AM #cli #terminal

Git has a nice feature called grep, when you want to get a commit for an old code, and it's a kind of search, but not enough for me !I wrote a bash script to search for a "piece of code" inside a git project history whatever the branch and time.

It can :

If we save the file as ./gf.sh, we give execution rights chmod +x ./gf.sh and we add it in our .bashrc as an alias : alias gf=${HOME}/gf.sh.

We can wrote interesting command easily.

Example :

$ gf search 'vieux code'
$ gf open 'commit-id:fichier:ligne'

This is how the code looks :

# by d4rk3r

# A smart way to search for a code
# inside your git history whatever the branch you're

# -- Setup :
# -- After getting the bash script

# chmod +x /path/to/gf.sh
# -- to add the execute right to the script
# -- You can add it to your .bashrc env

# gf s 'pattern' -- to search for some code
# -- then after copy the line of the commit,

# gf o commit_id:line:file_name....
# -- gf will switch to that commit and open the line where the code is,
# -- after quitting, gf will restore your repo to the precedent branch where you were working

    # a smart git command to get commit, file and line where
    # the string is available
    git rev-list --all | (
        while read revision; do
            git grep -n -F ${1} $revision
    ) > ${HOME}/.gf-out

    echo "[-] Searching for '${1}' in this repo..."
    sleep 2
    # We less in the list of results
    _git_search "${1}"
    cat ${HOME}/.gf-out | less

    # getting your current branch
    branch=$(git branch | sed -n -e 's/^\* \(.*\)/\1/p')

    # A smart split from the incomming $1 parameter
    arr=($(echo "$1" | tr ':' '\n'))

    # some verbose
    echo "[-] Moving on commit : $commit"
    sleep 1
    echo "[-] Moving on file : $file"
    sleep 1
    echo "[-] Moving on line : $line"
    sleep 1

    # A checkout on the commit then a less on the line of the file
    git checkout "$commit"
    less +"$line" "$file"

    sleep 2
    echo "\n[-] Rolling back to your precedent branch..."
    # comming back to reality
    git checkout "$branch"

    echo "[-] gf help center:"
    echo "[-] gf s 'search-kwy-word'"
    echo "[-] gf o 'commit-id:line:file-name'"

    echo "[-] gf started..."

    if [ "$1" == "search" ] || [ "$1" == "s" ]; then
        _search $2
    elif [ "$1" == "open" ] || [ "$1" == "o" ]; then
        _open_code $2
        echo "[x] Error: Bad parameter provided..."

main $1 $2

Source code : Gist-Code

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